Premium hydraulic components and systems
5 STAUFF Russia offices
Own production in Russia

Manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic drives

STAUFF offers its customers design and production services for a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic drive systems, as well as lubrication systems.

STAUFF main capabilities:

  • Production of hydraulic drive units ready for installation on machines 
  • Design and manufacture of volumetric hydraulic drive stations according to the technical specifications of the Customer 
  • Manufacture, diagnostics and modernization of pneumatic drive systems 
  • Development and production of test benches for hydraulic units 
  • Manufacture, service and diagnostics of lubrication systems 

STAUFF offers each customer the services of manufacturing drive systems, from development of hydraulic circuits to installation on site. The selection and purchase of components, in addition to the parts of STAUFF's own production, can be undertaken by STAUFF specialists with the coordination of the estimate with the client. 

For equipment of its own production, STAUFF provides qualified service and technical support with a technical team visiting the facility, as well as all guarantees in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. 

The necessary technical documentation is provided for finished products. 

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