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1. Search & Find

Use the search field or the product navigation to find products, extensive product information as well as product catalogues:

Search Field

  • Search pages and products

  • Product names, STAUFF material numbers and cross referencing of competitor names

Product Navigation

  • Follow the category path

  • Step by step to the desired product

  • Narrow down the products using a variety of filter options

Go to the product categories

Cross Referencing of other Manufacturer Descriptions

  • Search for the description in the search field
  • Details of the manufacturer in the search results

2. Send the Request

Directly send an enquiry to STAUFF for request a quotation and further information

Use the Enquiry List to request:

  • Directly in the search field or in the search results
  • On the product detail page

Request information in more detail such as price or delivery availability

STAUFF Russia will answer all your questions and demands

To the Enquiries


⚠️ You need to create a user account to send an enquiry. Please feel free to attach further information and files (e.g. technical drawings) to your enquiry.

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