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Tube Manipulation

High-tech pipe bending production STAUFF (MADE IN RUSSIA) offers its customers a wide range of services for high-precision bending of pipes of varying degrees of complexity and configuration. 

STAUFF main capabilities: 

  • Three-dimensional bending of pipes with a diameter of 5 to 50 mm according to the drawings, samples and technical specifications of the customer 
  • Three-dimensional bar bending up to 22 mm 
  • Unlimited workpiece length 
  • Unlimited bends 
  • Mandrel and non-mandrel pipe bending 
  • Accuracy +/-1 mm in any plane, regardless of the length of the workpiece 
  • Installation of cutting rings, flaring, forming of the ends of pipelines on the equipment of STAUFF's own production 
  • Marking of finished pipelines (types of marking - STAUFF standard or as agreed with the Customer) 
  • Manufacture of welded pipelines, welding of flanges and special fittings 
  • Cleaning of the internal cavities of pipelines to the required purity class, conservation of pipelines 
  • Materials used: steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum 
  • Pressure tests (including tensile tests)
  • Full 3D process modeling 
  • Formation of CD (design documentation) 
  • Permanent stock of pipes (more than 100 km) 

All the necessary technical documentation is provided for the manufactured products, including the ST-1 certificate. 

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